About Us

aboutus_imgWith the interior design world continually flooded with new things, ideas and images, we see a lot that will surprise, but little with true staying power.

As a leading premium brand, Luxe Surfaces’ passionate commitment is steadfast and our strategy, simple: surround ourselves with dedicated associates operating our company, be our own worst critic when it comes to the product we brand, and always strive to provide our distributors with world class service.

The preeminent force behind the Patty Madden Wallcovering brand, Luxe Surfaces has succeeded in taking our distinctive product beyond US shores to over 20 countries in the global market. Clearly, pairing Patty’s generational talent, proprietary manufacturing techniques and the highest level of quality and environmental standards with the collaborative efforts of some of the finest manufacturers in North America, has worldwide appeal.

Luxe Surfaces stands on a design portfolio that sets new standards for vertical surfaces. Given our commitment to evolution, every day means something potentially groundbreaking for product development. The possibilities for interior space are mind blowing!

We are excited about what we do and our product shows it.

Luxe Surfaces – Expanding our expectations so we can exceed yours.

Mike Leon
C.E.O. LUXE Surfaces