52 Room Designs Utilizing Digital Wallcovering: Day 2


Interior designers create spaces that support us, make us feel good, cheer us or simply cause us to “chill.” They understand our spaces define us – how we live, work and play. They give us a sense of being, we input our sense of personhood into them and valued items of belonging. Luxe Surfaces has partnered with Patty Madden and created a wallcovering product that “taps into” this very important essence of our being: the desire for beauty and order in our surroundings. Patty incorporates unique design on proprietary grounds that “birth” life out of the interplay between texture and colour. One such example is  ‘Solace.’ Myth tells of a great tree growing at the center of the universe – branches piercing through human affairs; boughs upholding the firmament with its stars and planets, roots anchored in the eternal soil of time. Patty Madden lyrically captures the flow of wisdom, knowledge, and truth through an intricate, vascular system that channels life into the evolution of the human family. The design’s subtle metallic ground illuminates interior space painting liquid warmth over every surface. Available in five different colourways, the inclusivity of the design ‘Solace’ draws you in to a space you never want to leave; a space that is anchored in your heart no matter where your travels take you.


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