Digital Wallcovering CAN Work In Your Space

DWCWIYSPatty Madden’s digitally created designs invoke a visual tension between earthy naturalism and man-made elements, the masculine and feminine, modern and vintage.  Alongside its curiosity comes a flexible design ethos that works beautifully in the discerning space be it residential or commercial.

Renown for intriguing design and finish propensity (think Zaza Mylar), Patty’s work is undeniably rock ‘n’ roll gloss double-dipped in high-chroma style. With a certain Hollywood aesthetic, Patty cues up 40’s glamour and serves it up HOT with thoroughly contemporary motifs that lend her work the ever popular ’70s vibe – funky, yet eternally chic.

If punches of intense colour cause you pause, monochromatic may be your calling. And don’t worry. Patty, too, likes a repose. A professor of Pantone was once quoted as saying, “Use colour wisely, Grasshopper,” and Luxe Surfaces couldn’t agree more. Want to play Switzerland with your neutrals? Fine, but don’t let vibrancy of digital pattern scare you away from displaying bold pieces of wall art atop one of Luxe Surface’s more subdued geometrics or grasscloth looks (available here: Not only has Patty made many of her digital wallcovering designs available in calming casts, but the emboldened digital artwork is killer behind a frame. Now that’s double tasking!

When integrated into spaces that utilize lacquered surfaces, brass, mirrors, gold leaf, statuary and vintage-inspired furniture, you achieve contemporary maximalism. When surroundings are simplified, and the focus on the digitally-designed wall itself, you have contemporary minimalism at its finest. Together with Luxe Surfaces, Patty Madden has succeeded in creating an identifiable look both glamorous and provocative and enduringly appealing. Make your environment memorable with Patty Madden Digital Wallcovering.

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