52 Room Designs Utilizing Digital Wallcovering: Day 5

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Drawing inspiration from personal experience, Patty translates life’s many facets onto proprietary “canvases” meant to be shared and discussed with others. Whether this “public forum” is a private residence or commercial property, Patty’s digital wallcovering is immediately engaging.  Digitally rendered, the designs are stimulating, unanticipated and yet strangely familiar. Patty’s artwork unites us through shared emotion, stimulates our senses, and reminds us of a common human experience…in a very uncommon way. The designs are powerful. Highly individualistic. Spiritual. The final product onto which they are rendered…equally so.

Patty has captured art in its truest sense as a visual form of communication and released it beyond the frame. Pairing unforgettable design with innovative grounds has “loosed” wallcovering and reflects a transition visible in several aspects of interior design:

  • the resurgence in popularity of vintage furniture masters (Le Corbusier, Eames, Baughmann, to name a few)
  • a refocusing on quality and “honest” materials (and our experience of those materials)
  • the beauty of natural surfaces and light

This re-imagination of material has captured the attention of Luxe Surfaces, who together with Patty Madden, have long been aware of the import of wall space.

So how do you experience your walls? Are they necessary fundamentals holding up your roof? A place for your ceiling to rest? Or does the idea of art beyond the frame appeal to you? In the Patty Madden Digital Wallcovering collection, we market our product primarily on vinyl and mylar grounds. However, colour, scale, and grounds (vinyl, mylar, acrylic, wood veneer), can all be easily substituted and customized. No longer limited by the pairing of design components – pioneering product developer – Patty Madden – makes unimaginable artistic possibilities for vertical space a reality. Our tenacious desire for something “new” has met its match with the digital evolution of surface artistry. Today the onlooker joins forces to co-create with the artist.

The digital wallcovering ‘Zephyr‘ is a perfect example. A fascinating design, replete with old world ornamentation, Patty has reinterpreted the motifs with modern clarity and crisp contour. A mylar ground would make your space luminous, but print the design on acrylic paneling affixed to your walls evokes a sense of gallery-like interiors. The results are endless and always breathtaking.

Luxe Surfaces. Offering you a completely new way to “experience” your walls.

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