52 Room Designs Utilizing Digital Wallcovering: Day 4



It’s hard to miss the resurgent popularity of geometrics in interior design and easy to be intimidated by its adept use on fashion runways and popular architectural magazines. When applied correctly, however, today’s geometrics are a fantastic and easy way to give your interior spaces an elegant, thoroughly modern look. Here’s a few pointers to help you get started.

LESS IS MORE If we’ve learned anything from the cyclical waves of fashion trends over the years, it’s the appreciation that “less is – typically – more.” That, and a growing appreciation of design inspo from Mother Nature, mean old favs are reborn in fresh and contemporary ways. Just remember KISS… and I’m not talking about the band.

DON’T LOSE YOUR BALANCE The new geometric aesthetique, while paying homage to its past, melds geometric design with earth-friendly, thought provoking new materials = a totally new type of groovy. No offense, 70’s! Balance out the straight lines and shapes of geometrics with classic shapes and natural elements for interest.

COLOUR YOUR WORLD In contrast to their more traditional counterparts, today’s geometrics are larger and more simplistic – giving us the “space” we need to breathe and relax amidst our busy lives. The profound visual interest piqued by larger scale design is further enhanced with saturated earthen hues that are restful, “solid” and inviting. Geometrics, in a foundational colour palette or neutral, will direct your selection of accent pieces and art.

LOVE YOUR CURVES Keep your interiors from looking too rigid by embracing your curves… circles or waves in a floor rug (think zebra!), pillows or curtains. Unless you are into uber contemporary, this is an important step in your design maturity.

SIZE YOU UP Larger geometric patterns do well to be paired with other patterns that are the next largest or smallest in size to the geometric. This way, you avoid one piece completely overshadowing the other. Though “one of these is not like the other” they end up looking born for each other.

BLENDED FAMILY STYLE Want to integrate geometrics with pattern and “layer?” A few rules of thumb:

Colour – Utilize different shades of one color in conjunction with complimentary hues (get a colour wheel).

Texture – keep it interesting! Work natural wovens, metals and earth inspired pattern, alongside your geometric.

Scale – keep the size of each your patterns different (think small, medium, large) and pick one from each grouping. Giving your eye somewhere to “rest” in your space is essential to keep your space from looking “overworked,” overthought, and busy.

Inspired by an Incan wall in Machu Picchu, Patty has captured all the decorating tenants discussed above in Ashlar. Visit our site by clicking this link to explore. Interestingly, in some Masonic groupings, ashlars are used as a symbolic metaphor for progress.

We couldn’t agree more.

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