52 Room Designs Utilizing Digital Wallcovering: Day 3



Ever loved a piece of art so much you wished it was infinitely larger encompassing your entire space with its colour, movement, and emotion? Now you can. Luxe Surfaces is pleased to introduce Patty Madden Digital Wallcovering. Patty combines proprietary printing technology and substrates with design artwork to suit everyone’s taste – from nature-inspired organics and botanicals, to vortex imagery and geometrics – Patty’s designs unleash the imagination. ‘Nest’ is the perfect example. Click on the link to explore it colourways and details up close.

Nest’s portrayal of nature’s stunning, asymmetrical haven captures the beauty of woven, sculpted filaments, grass and feathers. Securely anchored within protective boughs, silken spiderwebs provide an ethereal softness that makes you want to crawl within its sanctuary. That’s the beauty of Patty’s digital artistry. Colour, scale and the very ground or substrate upon which your art is printed can be adjusted to match what you see in your mind’s eye. Rendered in browns, greens, cream and grey – Nest will get you “feathering.” But change the artwork to the blue colour scheme and immediately you’re transported 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate the difference a colour can make (greys, anyone?!?). See for yourself!

“With unlimited combinations to choose from, digital wallcoverings can transform any space into a striking, and attention-grabbing conversation piece.”
Imagine limitless possibilities with digital wallcovering by Luxe Surfaces and Patty Madden. Digital wallcovering adds depth and dimension in a way that feels very couture and lavish but can be created and installed to fit any budget in a remarkable timeframe. The innovation and freedom to design and adapt is endless, allowing for one-of-a-kind works of art for your wall.

Go ahead. Unleash your imagination and free your art from the frame.

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