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People often associate the color grey with what we refer to as the three D’s: dreary, drab, depression. It tends to have a negative perception because it has no real color personality of its own. However, grey can completely and magically transform a room when used correctly.

With the right combination of colors and textures, grey interiors can be soothing and cooling, creating a relaxing environment that evokes a sense of certainty and safety.

Luxe Surfaces offers some tips on designing with grey:

Plan. Before you start grabbing grey accents or picking out grey wall colors, it’s best to plan out the mood you wish to create. The color grey can have a warm (red, yellow, orange) or cool (green, blue, purple) undertone. The different temperatures of the color evoke different emotions, so decide how you want the essence of your room to feel.

Bring in tons of light. Grey is the color of shadow, so you don’t want to unknowingly bring in more. Introducing a bunch of different layered light sources will automatically brighten up the color and create dimension. Use table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, and natural light to complete a grey interior.

Pair with purple. One of our favorite color combinations is grey and purple. This duo creates an edgy feel while still holding on to classy elegance. Try accenting grey walls with purple pillows or pull in with details in the rug and decor.

So, next time you gravitate towards black or white, consider mixing things up and designing with grey. For more ideas and inspiration, check out our 50 Shades of Grey Pinterest board!


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