Palisade: Fossil LXB-PLS-07


Product Code LXB-PLS-07
Product Type Vinyl
Color Category Gray
Tone Cool
Scale Small
Finish n/a
Backing Osnaburg


Width 52/54" 132/137cm
Weight 20 oz. - 618 G/LIN M
Vertical Repeat n/a
Horizontal Repeat n/a
Install Note Random, Reversible

Technical Information

Fire Rating ASTM E-84
Smoke Developed 40
Flame Spread 15
Indoor Air Quality Low VOC
Recycable Yes
Warranty Five Year Warranty

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Palisade Colorways

  • Fossil Fossil
  • Froth Froth
  • Glacier Glacier
  • Hearth Hearth
  • Hopsack Hopsack
  • Lunar Lunar
  • Mahtani Mahtani
  • Malt Malt
  • Midas Midas
  • Mineral Mineral
  • Nutmeg Nutmeg
  • Parchment Parchment
  • Raffia Raffia
  • Sage Sage
  • Shrimp Shrimp
  • Stone Stone

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