Professional Interior Design Tips for Decorating with Patterned Wallcoverings

Pattern can understandably be a daunting commitment, particularly when it comes to a decor element as permanent as wallcoverings. What’s the best way to incorporate pattern? How can multiple patterns be successfully mixed with one another? Known for creating hip and stylish spaces that feel personalized and ready to be lived in, we turned to Pulp Design Studios to ask founders Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry for their take on the subject and received some key advice in return.


When starting a room’s design with a wallcovering pattern in mind, how do you build off of it?

If we start with a pattern that has multiple colors, we use that as a key piece to tie the entire palette together. It’s important to look at ways to both complement and contrast the shapes of a pattern. If it’s highly geometric, mix in some organic patterns to soften the space and create movement, and vise versa. Adding in additional solids or smaller patterns that coordinate with the starting piece will help make the room’s design feel both dynamic and cohesive.


What’s your number one rule for mixing patterns?

As designers, we like to approach mixing patterns with no rules. We design spaces for our clients that are unexpected, fearless and hip, but it really does take a trained design eye to create the right balance between the scale and color of all the patterns in the mix.


In terms of pattern, what can be viewed as a universal neutral?

Herringbone! It’s a neutral in fabric, wood, stone and tile, and can be large or small scale, but is always a classic.

What’s the most unexpected place you’ve ever found inspiration for a good pattern design?
The Eye of Ra pattern from our entertaining goods collection, Kismet Lounge, was actually inspired by this stunning MC Escher style tile that we saw on the floor of a Venetian church on some of our design travels. We wanted to add something figurative so we designed an eye pattern that was conceptualized off the style of the tile.
What’s your favorite way to use pattern in a commercial space?
Wallcovering is one of our favorite ways to make a big impact in a commercial space. A statement pattern is an easy way to make a space feel high-style and is an opportunity to be bold and innovative. When selected appropriately, wallcoverings can be highly cleanable which makes them a really sustainable option for commercial spaces… we use them a ton in residential design, as well!
Luxe Surfaces’ wallcoverings gallery offers a wide array of pattern options, from clean and modern to intricate and traditional, that work great in both residential and commercial spaces. Check them out for some inspiration on your next project!
Photos provided by Pulp Design Studios

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