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In 2004, Mike Leon, CEO of Luxe Surfaces – together with Patty Madden Inc.- set out to create a brand of wallcovering that would “revolutionize the way people think about walls.” Task achieved, this motivation continues as the motor behind the Patty Madden Wallcovering brand. From concept to launch, Mike is involved in every detail of product development. Having created a relational network with leading American mills and distributors, Luxe Surfaces is a company known worldwide for its innovative design, solid work ethic and unparalleled customer support. Life is full of planes, trains and automobiles, for Mike, but we’re pretty sure he wouldn’t have it any other way.

There’s no denying Patty Madden is an instrumental force in artistic advances that have changed people’s idea of “the possible” when thinking about walls. From her early beginnings in the retail design world, Patty’s path has been an upward trajectory rewarded by the arrival of the digital era. From her understanding of the fabrication process (and how it can be adapted to achieve her ideas), to her pioneering work in the development of computer design competencies, Patty knows how to deliver on her promise of phenomenal color, scale and texture. With no room for naysayers, Patty is motivated by the question, “Why not?”

Every company needs a rain maker – the order taker, the data processor, the complaint resolver. For Luxe Surfaces, this person is Roxanne Molock. Beyond logistics, Roxanne understands “the wall”- its dimensions, its surface, its “vibe,” and just how our wallcovering ought to look on said wall. Such understanding is invaluable! We love our esteemed “wallcovering wikipedia.” Fully equipped to deliver on the “WOW!” Roxanne is a dream achiever.

Best when caffeinated, Marie swears Starbucks is a food group and the fuel behind her creativity. From pattern inspiration pieces, PR, and graphic design to website updates, social media outreach and more traditional forms of marketing, Marie is a busy camper. Marie the Marketer’s goals include focusing on attracting site traffic and converting this traffic into qualified leads and active fans. Need digital images, hash tag support, or feedback on how to best engage with customers? Let’s grab coffee!


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